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USA Today

G’day all; I offer the condolences of Jean and myself and the and
deepest sympathy to the Orchid members who are citizens of the USA
for the terrible disaster that has occurred in their country. Our
National TV program has devoted the entire day to news of the horrible
disaster. And yes, we saw all the pictures. In fact a neighbour came
knocking on our door at 8 this morning (our time) to tell us the
dreadful news. People all over the CIVILIZED world are thinking of

Our thoughts are especially with the poor folk trapped, still alive
and suffering under all those thousands of tons of rubble. And all the
people with no knowledge of loved ones. I do know what it is like; I
was caught in the bombing of the East End of London in 1940-1 and
survived the ruins of our own house. – Sadness now, John & Jean
Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ