US Tax Query

It being April 15th…and tax time…I have a question for US
non-store craftspeople. As you noticed, the principle business
codes changed this year and some of us may have had to choose a
new code.

I noticed that there was not a code that accurately described a
craftsperson working in metal. (not that there was before the
code change either.) I am just curious as to what category
people put themselves in, given a lot of not-so-great choices.

(I am not asking for tax advice, I have my code and am happy
with it.)

But it got me wondering what others chose. Thanks!


Boy, I wrestled with that last night! I’m not a craftsperson,
but I sell lapidary materials, retail and wholesale, online and
occasionally at shows, but not from a store! So I chose
Electronic shopping and mail order under retail. Not perfect by
any means, but closer than others.


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I know ehat you mean. The categories seem so awkward. I ended up
in the “fabricated metal products” category. It seemed most
descriptive of what I do.

Jane Kofoed

Good question . . . I was considering #339900 - Other misc. mfg.
or #999999 - Unclassified establishments (unable to classify)
Listed under Wholesale Trade was: #421940 (Jewelry, watch,
precious stone & precious metals. However, it seemed like the
last one was for a supplier or someone who wholesales already
made jewelry. I sell my work both w/s and r/t. When I called the
IRS - they were also perplexed - and suggested #448310 - Jewelry
stores (which is not my situation) or #999999.

I knew we were an “endangered species” - the independent jewelers

  • seems we have entered the unclassified zone! I would also be
    interested in others’ choices. Which category did you go with
    Elaine? cynthia

I chose fabricated metal products manufacturer – as did another
poster. It seems to me that a primary factor in my business is
that I’m making the stuff. Plus, nothing else fit. Not
Artist, not Retail, not Wholesale…not Non-store Retail. Also,
in previous years, with the old codes, I had always used
something like, “fabricated silver products,” the description
for which included flatware! I thought it was important to be

The “unclassifiable 999999” choice seemed bad to me. Like an
audit flag. Everything is classifiable, at least badly.

Thanks cynthia, and others who responded, it’s great to know
we’re all struggling with this!