UPS and Rio to the rescue

I had a nice experience with UPS, and Rio, that I want to share with
you. I had ordered some silver from Rio, and was tracking the UPS
tracking number. It was supposed to be delivered at 10 AM this
morning. No package had arrived, yet their tracking information
showed it as having been delivered.

I phoned Rio, they Phoned UPS. UPS then called me and said they
would trace it. They assured me they would do all they could to
locate it.

Around noon, I could see a UPS truck slowly going up and down my
street, then it turned the corner and got out of sight.

While this was going on, I got another call from Rio telling me that
they were shipping another order to replace the lost one, and that
if the lost one arrived to return it to them and that they would pick
up the shipping charges. As I hung up the phone, I heard a thump on
porch. I went to see what it was, and lo and behold, there was the
missing package.

A few minutes later the UPS truck drove up again, and the driver
asked if I had received the package. I assured him that I had. He
apologized. It seems he dropped it off at the wrong address and was
driving all around my neighborhood until he located it and delivered
it to me. He had returned to make sure I had gotten it.

So, Rio was just wonderful to work with, and the UPS people were
conscientious and reliable. Restores one’s faith in one’s fellow
human beings. Just wanted to share some happy news to offset the
gloom of the economic situation.

Alma Rands

I’ve found Rio to be fantastic to deal with in the past, and if any
of you guys EVER have use for a flexshaft, buy a Foredom. Like Rio,
they will keep working on any problem until it’s right. And Rio sells
them, so that’s a good combo.