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Upgrading arm bracket for original GRS benchmate


The newer GRS Encore QCX benchmate system, among other enhancements, now has the ability to keep a piece centered, which is useful when working under the microscope.

I called GRS to see:

  1. if I could purchase select parts (basically the bracket arms) to modify my original benchmate to have this centering feature

answer- yes, approx $200 cost currently

  1. if my original benchmate ring clamp(s) would fit into these pasts

answer- yes

I was looking for (better) holding options that my ball vises did not easily/ comfortably offer, namely working around the sides of a halo, and on underbaskets, without having to continually adjust height position, when adjusting view angles (if that makes sense)

(and there is also a retrofit kit for the QC accessory ring holders that will convert an original ring clamp to accept the newer QC (quick change).

I just thought i would share this info


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