Updating a resume

Hello all, This is my query…I am going to update my resume (long
overdue) and need some advise.

Being in the business for 15 years and at the bench most of it, my
list of skills is fairly long. Under my present job which I have been
at for 8 years for instance, do I put all the metals I can work with
and all that I can do with them???

I could go on and on but you get the point. Any advise from someone
who has recently done this or ever better a view from a prospective

Thanks in advance,
Laurie where it is finally spring in Connecticut!

Hi Laurie What part of CT? We grew up there before moving north,
then south to NC. Having always needed to stay on top of my resumes,
I frequently read articles on good resume writing. There are
software programs specific to the task. MS Works and Office have
templates to help you through as well. I have never used the
dedicated software, but I have used the templates. The important
thing seems to be KEEP IT SHORT. From the articles I’ve read, most
employers won’t read past the first page, might look at a 2nd for
somebody who has aroused interest on the first page. I think the
best thing (and what I typically use), is to make the first page give
as broad an overview of my experience and skills as possible. Yes, I
would mention the metals you work in and the general types of skills,
but save the details for later. Overall, though, I try to keep it
short and simple. I then have a portfolio of work I have created,
and that portfolio, with it’s pictures and descriptions, pretty much
covers the waterfront on what I have been doing. It has simple
digital pictures (getting better as I go along), but it is certainly
not professional grade photography that one would want for juries.
Those would be nice, but budget has always limited my ability to get
those made, and these have worked. The document is something I can
print from the computer, so I can make it available to anyone who has
liked the first page enought to want to check me out. I think that
first page is worth extra effort. It has to get somebody to be
willing to give you the second look, to get you past the first cut,
as it were. Once you have their attention, then you can offer a
portfolio, or perhaps a web site with your work. Good luck. Jim