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Update to "Gerry's Setting Blog"

During this Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been busy writing tutorial essays, just for you. Here are the new topics that have just been posted & published.

  1. Basic Tools for a Diamond Setter.
  2. Gypsy, or Flush Setting in metal & wax.
  3. Diamond Setting tools for a ‘Heart - Shaped’ pendant.
  4. Burs (all styles, all sizes and for all purposes).
  5. Wax Casting Sprues, (there are only 151 photographs in this essay).
    I am still in the process of writing more essays in the weeks and months ahead.
    If you have any more ideas for me, kindly take a moment and write to me giving me some additional ideas.

Gerry Lewy - Diamond Setter!

Go to:

Toronto, Ontario.

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Thanks Jerry, Always appreciated!

Gerry, The link to youe blog does not seem to be active. Error message each time tried.

I looks like the link leaves out the ‘S’ in Gerry’s, even though the text of the link shows it correctly.

Add the S back in there, and voila!

Hello Mr. Lewy - I watched your “Flush Setting Video” right now. I never have seen something like this before.

I can’t understand why anyone would put themselves at risk of breaking stones (their own or the customer’s).

In addition, the entire surface of the ring must be laboriously reworked (if you want to have a beautiful surface). This is uneconomical and unnecessary.

Below an example done by me (I think it would be unfair of me to only criticize without showing my own work) - after setting the surface was polished only.

Wonder, how you set stones (flush setting) in flat or negative surfaces?