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Update on Bonny Doon Engineering


Hello to all Orchidians from G. Phil Poirier,

It’s been many years since I had the time to enjoy this forum. I
sense the need to let everyone know what developments are occuring at
both Bonny Doon Engineering and Poirier Studio.

As some of you may already know, I have been working with Lee
Marshall for well over a decade now. We have collaborated over the
years engineering and producing numerous tools for the metalsmith.
From the 3" formbox to most recently, the entire line of deep-drawing
presses and die sets.

Lee has been trying to retire for the last few years, and after it
was clear that things were going to shut down this coming Jan 1,
2006, I made the decision to take over the manufacturing of the
tooling and move the business to Taos.

I knew this would only work if I had lots of qualified help. I
enlisted the help of a good friend John MacArthur, a certified
welder, master machinist and engineer. I also wanted Lee to be
available part time for his expertise in engineering new tools and
jigs for the creation of tools. Lee will also continue as a master
insructor teaching Hydraulic Die Forming classes, along with Cynthia
Eid and Anne Hollerbach.

Three weeks ago Lee Marshall, John MacArthur and myself spent
several days in Bonny Doon, Ca. at the home of Bonny Doon Engneering.
The three of us sat down and designed the next generation press. The
design prerequisites were strength, longevity, versatility, and
support. This new version is designed for the professional jeweler
and amateur alike.

We are currently working on our first batch of 20-ton tall press
(2006 Version) and 50-ton Mokume presses. There will be subtle
changes to the look of the press.

They will now have a hard powder-coated finish, the platens will
have harder cold-rolled surfaces free of mill scale, the top
horizontal steel members will be larger to minimize bowing and the
uprights will include gussets to minimize deflection. The price has
also had to change to reflect the increased costs of steel these
days. I believe that when you see and work with the new 2006 press
you’ll fully appreciate the upgrades!

The new 20-ton tall presses will soon be available from Rio Grande.
I will be demonstrating the new presses at the Rio Grande Catalog in
motion show in Tucson this year, so please stop by and let us know
what you think of it!

I will strive to make this transition as simple as possible and ask
for your patience and continued support.

G. Phil Poirier