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Update Notice

Tips From The Jeweler’s Bench - Update Notice


o Some Notes on Stakes and Swages

Stakes are objects used for shaping metal over, on and into.
Hammers or mallets are used to form the metal over the shape of
the stake. Stakes can be made of various materials. A wooden stump
can be considered a kind of a stake. Usually in the West most
stakes are steel....

o Suggestions for tools to order from Fischer

The following tools or tool sets that I recommend are either
inexpensive for the quality and quantity or tools that are
unavailable from elsewhere.  Many of the following tools are
intended for stonesetting use.... 

o Revere on Goldsmithing: Project Five: Hollow Wedding BandAE

This is the fifth in the ambitious series of step by step
professionally oriented goldsmithing training videos by Alan
Revere. If you are learning jewelry making and serious about it
you should get this tape and if following the eecourseAE, the other
ones in the series as well. This one is a real addition to
educational options in the field 

Best Regards
The Ganoksin Project