[Update] Ganoksin.com Won the Top 25 Industry Websites title


ijeweler.com has kindly award us with the title of The “Top 25
Industry Websites”

I would like to personally thank each one of you for helping us
in creation of the site. without your active support and
participation we wouldn’t be here today. thanks


The Ganoksin Project

ICQ Number: 258 49350

And here is what they say about us:


“Most Complete and Educational Jewelry Infosite on the Internet”

Ganoksin and Orchid

This website bills itself as “The Gem and Jewelry World’s foremost
resource on the Internet” - and it’s true. Whether you are=
jewelry-lover or a jeweler, you can find an amazing amount of informat=
on this site. You can access all the past contents of the Orchid, the
online discussion forum about jewelry-making, and you can also subscri=
be to
the ongoing Orchid forum and participate directly in one of the jewelr=
world’s most popular online forums. The Tips From the Jeweler’s Bench =
especially interesting, and chock full of useful and you =
keep up to date with changes at Ganoksin by going to the Ganoksin News
section and subscribing to their newsletter. The GemLab Report section
offers easily accessed archives of Ted Themelis’ monthly GemLab report=
which are a feature of the Orchid Digest, going back about 1 1/2 years=

Another really nice feature of this site is the galleries section
contained WITHIN the Orchid section (at
http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/gallery.htm), which requires membership=
enter. These galleries showcase the jewelry creations of at least 50 o=
f the
Orchid subscribers, most of whom are professional jewelers - a very
impressive collection!

Since there is a huge amount of accessible through their s=
Ganoksin has created a Site Explorer program which helps you locate wh=
you want. This program takes a long time to load, but it is quite help=
in finding info on specific subjects. These folks have been =91at it=
=92 for
years =96 and the effort shows!

Dear Hanuman – How could they not have awarded it to this
website? You have created the most extraordinary resource… in
clarity, in comprehensiveness, in generosity, in speed, in every
way that could possibly benefit and elucidate its members.
Thank you for your extraordinary and untiring gift to us all.

Dr. Aspler, It is we who should be thanking you for this
incredible resource! It wouldn’t be possible without your
diligence and efforts. (I’ve been meaning to say this for some
time now- its been long overdue…)

Thankyou Again and Again and Again,


Bravo Hanuman! Kudos well deserved for all of your fine efforts. We thank you, for
working so diligently, to make this such a wonderful site, and, I’m certain, that all
of the subscribers here at Orchid, join me in applauding your newly awarded title.
To us, you have always been number one.


Lisa, (back from Philadelphia), Topanga, CA USA

Hear! Hear! Well said; well done! Sharon Holt

CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it. We all benefit from your
generosity. Alan