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Upcoming SNAG Conference

I’m in the process of deciding whether or not to attend the upcoming
SNAG conference in June. I’ve been taking metalsmithing classes
since fall of last year, have attended workshops through the
Corcoran, been gaining a lot of insight from this discussion group
and the archive, and flown out to Revere Academy for a workshop
during the 2005 Masters Symposium. I’m in the process of assembling
the beginnings of a jewelry portfolio and would like to start to
enter calls for entries beginning this summer.

I have some questions which I’ve been asking myself about heading
out to Cleveland, and would like the insight of those who have
attended previous conferences.

  1. How advanced are the techniques and trends presented?

  2. Is the content primarily geared towards bench jewelers or
    to art/sculptural jewelers?

  3. Will my path more defined by going now, instead of next

  4. Will my growth be accelerated by seeing more views and
    concepts than I am getting at the Corcoran? or Am I likely be

  5. Finally, if I do go, should I bring prints of my work –
    even though at this point they are few.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and help me
make an informed decision. Cheers.


Hi all,

You bet I will attend the SNAG conference, I had so much fun and
learned so much last year. I’ll even cross the ocean for it!


  1. is anybody organizing an Orchid dinner as last year?

  2. I signed up for the “Enamel in the Round workshop” (20-22 June).
    It seems that for the moment the minimum is not met. Isn’t there =
    anybody else who’? interested. Seems like an awfully interesting

workshop (oh, yes, and I bought my airplane ticket and booked the
hotel so I really want it to go through)

See you there,
Linda Savineau, Belgium
(I’m busy making my pins for the pin-swap)


SNAG has a lot of academics, (high school and college teachers),
lectures are overviews. There are usually not much inthe way of
demonstration, except for the pre or after SNAG workshops. For what
you would spent, take more hands on workshops, in my not so humble

You can get inspiration from the internet, books, galleries.

Richard Hart

You should always go to SNAG if you have the time and the money. You
never know how a conference might affect you, so I can’t really
answer your questions.

If you can afford to go, go. You’ll love it. Start making your swaps

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Hi, Sarah,

If you can go to SNAG, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a
great time. Last year was my first, but I’m sure it was typical. The
presentations were geared to all sorts and levels. The talks were
very inspiring, and not that technical, on the whole. There were
metalsmiths of every stripe, and no snobbery. Many opportunities to
talk, learn, share, network, buy, see, and generally have a fabulous
time. I would encourage you to go now AND next year, and, sure, take
your portfolio. You don’t have to show it if you don’t want to. And
make some pins for the pin swap. If you don’t think what you can
make is advanced enough-- I got some last year that a third grader
could have made-- it’s all good. You really can’t go wrong.

It only breaks my heart that I can only be at the first half because
I have a show on the weekend.


Hi Linda,

We met at SNAG last year and I was glad that you joined us at the
Orchid Dinner in St. Petersburg. I would have been happy to have
organized and Orchid dinner this year in Cleveland but I will be out
of the country and can’t attend. Hopefully some other Orchidian will
step forward and put together a dinner. I’m sure that the chair
persons of the SNAG conference could suggest a venue for an Orchid

I hope to see you at the 2006 conference.



I highly recommend attending the SNAG conference. I think, that no
matter what your level of accomplishment, it can be a positive
experience. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year as
I will be out of the country. As to your questions;

How advanced are the techniques and trends presented? 

I don’t have the list of presenters with me, but I think that you
will see a wide range of work and techniques shown. Those presenting
will be people who are advanced in their particular area of interest.

    Is the content primarily geared towards bench jewelers or to
art/sculptural jewelers? 

Last year there was some discussion on Orchid and within SNAG about
the content being dominated by “art/sculptural” jewelers and some
expressed the desire to have more presentations that were more
relevant to the bench jeweler. My guess is that the majority of the
will be directed primarily to the "art/sculptural"
jewelers. I think that even if one is a bench jeweler that the
is stimulating and that everyone should come away feeling
that they saw things that they would not normally have seen in their
everyday situation. I see this as a positive.

  Will my path more defined by going now, instead of next year? 

No time like the present.

 Finally, if I do go, should I bring prints of my work -- even
though at this point they are few. 

If you go with an open mind, I think that your growth can’t help but
be accelerated. You might be overwhelmed but whatever is important to
you will stand out in your mind.

Definitely bring prints of your work and make some quick easy pins
for the pin swap.

You will find that the people that you meet at a SNAG conference are
very similar to the people who you meet here in Orchid land. Both are
very giving, sharing communities. Many of us Orchidians are also
members of SNAG.

Go and have a good time.

Joel Schwalb

Dear Sarah,

  1. The techniques and trends are for beginners and advanced. It is
    unlike any conference available.

  2. The past conferences had an academic flavor with hints of trade
    to keep it honest.

  3. Your path will be thrown into chaos as your mind will be that
    much expanded.

  4. ( hey, you had two 3’s) you will be delightfully overwhelmed.

  5. Bring prints or slides, just get there. SNAG is the most
    interesting provocative conference I have ever attended. I missed St.
    Pete’s in '04 and my batteries are running down, I really look
    forward to going and in fact need SNAG to remind me to not be so
    serious. I always went to the lectures I thought would be of no
    benefit or value to me and came away convinced I don’t know what is
    good for me. Every lecture I attended was THE BEST. SNAG is a great
    place to get connected to the art & trade world of metalsmithing. Go
    there with questions and you will leave wanting more.

Sam Patania, Tucson

I will be attending the SNAG conference. I don’t know whether
anyone is organizing an Orchid Dinner, but I can do that if it’s
more than just you and me. We have a gallery in a "Trendy Dining "
narea, two minutes from Downtown Cleveland - Tremont. There are a
variety of restaurants, Fat Cats, Theory, Farenheit, Sage,
Parallax, all highly rated. and there are several galleries that
stay open late on Friday’s and Saturdays (late - till at least 9:00

Prices for food would range from $10-38 for entrees.

Please make sure you walk in GROUPS and not alone. This area is
famous for muggings. I’ve lived in the Greater Cleveland area for
over 40 years. I own a business about a mile south of this area.
Please be careful!