Upcoming shows

I will be doing two shows coming up quickly. The ACC show in
Baltimore, July 28th & 29th…my dang birthday wouldn’t ya
know…and then right after that, the Rosen show in Philadelphia,
on the 30th of July, through the 1st of August…quite the little
whirlwind tour. If any of you Orchidites are visiting, or doing
either of these shows, please stop in, and say hi… My company
name is Byzantia…booth # 902 in Baltimore, and in Philly, #
712. Hope to see you there. Lisa,(in work mode frenzy, in 107
degree heat…ugh…),Topanga, CA, USA

acc baltimore/summer booth #1011, won’t probably be able to step
out much… trying to work here in this gloomy westland summer

see you!
oakland, california

Byzantia… Just out of curiosity - how do you manage to get from
one to the other and set up before any "late setup penalties"
occur? Your booth must be a breeze to put into place (or are
there two booths?)… Will be helping out Marlo M jewelry design
(#720) in Philly - we’ll look you up! - Lori Bugaj

Byzantia... Just out of curiosity - how do you manage to get from
one to the other and set up before any "late setup penalties"
occur? Your booth must be a breeze to put into place

Ha haaa…now there’s the rub…The Baltimore show breaks down
at 6 pm…it will take me 1 hour 45 min tops to break down…I
have tinker toys…a.k.a. Abstracta. Theeeen…my roomate and
I…Sylvie Harwin, (she does colored aluminum accessories), will
load all of our stuff up, and drive 2 hours to Philly, where we
will set up that night, takes several hours…and then die…and
this is all on my dang birthday mind you…most likely timed to
remind me just exactly how old I am :slight_smile: Show starts the next
morning. We are doing this, because we both decided to cancel
late, when we understood the timing thing… Usually the last
show day breaks at 3 pm, so ordinarily, we’d have more
time…buuuuuttt…And…Rosen wouldn’t let us cancel, without
paying for the booth anyway, so we’re doing both shows. Common
actually. Two short shows…two to three days each. Just the
transition set up is going to be a bitch…But hey…we’re from
California. Lots of energy. In shape… Yeah right… These are
very large shows. I have never heard of a “late setup penalty”.
In fact, at the Feb. Rosen show, there were two women, a couple
of booths down, that were hammering away, two days into the
show…Complaints were made…I made one of them. I was hoping no
one would ask about the back to back thing, so I wouldn’t have
to illustrate my shortsightedness. Oh well…

Lisa, (My son just got back from Colorado, now he’s going to
Mexico…Why does a thirteen year old have more of a social life
than I do?), Topanga, CA USA

Hi Lisa…

Wow…doing both shows back to back like that is really amazing.
But, I suppose we do what we have to do to sell our work, hm?

I’ll be going from Philly to the San Francisco Gift Fair the
next weekend. Not quite the time crunch you have…I feel silly
for complaining about having “only” 2 days between shows! But,
SF is a 5 day grind…with general gift buyers that have to be
educated…over and over and over… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck at your shows…I look forward to meeting you in
Philly! (we’re pretty close - I’m in #720!)

Marlo Miyashiro
Marlo M. Jewelry Design
Seattle, WA

hey…we should have an Orchidite get together at Philly! That would be Fun!!