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Unusual Projects

 Meanwhile I'm still trying to decide whether being able to wear
the carbon remains of a beloved relative or pet by turning them
into gems is a really lovely and more permanent sentiment...or
vaguely icky. Matter of personal taste, I suppose. 

This entire thread reminds me of a workshop I attended some years
ago. The artist giving the workshop used to compound his own flux,
which was particularly effective… When one of the students asked
for the formula, he was shocked to learn that the artist was
incorporating the ashes of his mother into the compound. Among
ourselves, opinion was divided:

1.The guy was putting us on; 
2. He was a weirdo
3. To honor his mother's memory he was putting a little bit of her into 

of his work.
4.He was desecrating his mother’s remains.

YOU be the judge. (the rest of us used commercial flux)


Nancy, you are part right. This company is not in Wisconsin. They
are in Illinois and the name of the company is LifeGems. They make
diamonds from you loved ones including your cremated pets. It is a
process very much like the on GE uses to make synthetic diamonds.

I have no connection with this company. I just read about it in one
of the trade magazines.


Rodney Carroll
RC Gems