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Unusual Mandrels

This may seem like an odd request, but I’m looking for a triangle
mandrel in a large shape. I’ve tried Rio Grande, but they only have a
small one. Does anyone know of a source or can anyone make one for

Feel free to contact me offline:

Tammy Kirks

but I'm looking for a triangle mandrel in a large shape. 

Hello Tammy,

You might want to try Contenti They have a triangular mandrel, item
320-685, with a 10 mm to 22 mm taper.

The Contenti Company

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Trevor F.

... I'm looking for a triangle mandrel in a large shape. 

Hello Tammy,

I see that Otto Frei in San Francisco also has a large triangular
mandrel, Part number 143.064.

They don’t specify the taper min and max but if you look it up on
their website (, you’ll need to use the
Advanced Search in order to search by Part No.) you’ll see that they
have a nice large picture of the mandrel which might be useful.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light

Charles Lewton-Brain sells a book made to order for solving this
problem. The Recycling, Use, & Repair of Tools - Alexander Weygers
This is a great book I highly recommend it.

Unusual Mandrels in a triangular cross section can be made from old
triangular files. Get thee to a flea market or junkyard. Old files
can be found up to 12 " long. Find some one to anneal it and sand
the sides flush and smooth.

The recycling, use, and repair of tools
By Alexander G Weygers

Manufacturer: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co
Release data: 1978


Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry about a large
triangle mandrel. Thanks to Orchid (and thanks Pat!) I was guided to
Contenti where I found what I needed. Also, thanks to Dave who
offered to make one for me. I’ll keep all the info as I’ll probably
need something else weird in the future.

Orchid is great!

Tammy Kirks