Unusual jewelry request

I received the following request for a very unusual pendant. I
cannot (and will not) make such a thing. If anyone out here thinks
that they might be interested in making what this lady wants, please
contact me privately and I’ll give you her contact

Here is her original e-mail to me: “I’m wanting to give an unusual
necklace to my soultwin. A silver (or platinum) chain, with the
pendant being a small vial filled with my own blood, possibly
accented with an amethyst. Assuming I could be in the area to fill
the vial, how much would this cost? Thanks!”

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry

Hey Kathy! Here is some celebrity news for you- That is the same kind
of necklace that Billy Bob Thorton made for Angeline Jolie. I think
if you did an internet search you can actually see the necklace
somewhere. If I remember correctly- its just a plain store bought
glass vial with a bit of sculptural metal around it on a chain. I
also remember from my teenage years going to cheesy head shops (you
know those smoke shops that sold bongs) you could buy necklaces like
that pre made ( i think the vials were for drugs). In regard to
filling up the vials- just give them the necklace and tell them they
can go to their doctor’s office for that!