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Unusual gold alloys

Anybody know something about the new purple gold alloy from Leehwa??
It seems that is possible to use in casting, rolling, even stamping.

The black hills green contain Cadmium or is the Electrum alloy
(50Au/50Ag)? How can I make the best green gold, adding Cd or Cu?

The stuller’s X1 looks good, anybody knows if the alloy contains
Silver or Indium?

Have heard about a new white Galium alloy from Legor Italy. Any

Pablo Colmenares
CJ Group

Are you talking alloys or chemical bonds with gold?

Am I correct that Tellurium is the only element which bonds readily
with gold? At least it does so in nature where it is 3x rarer than

That makes me wonder if anyone has ever used Au-Te (or even Ag-Te)
in jewelry.