Unusual gemstone cut


I recently saw a gemstone cut that intrigued me. The stone had
a cabachon cut on the top and a faceted cut on the underside.
What is this type of cut called and what companies are good
resources for this?

Thank you ahead of time for your help.

Rochelle Zanini
(In beautiful Mendocino, CA)

Hello Rochelle, What you saw was a stone that is often called a
BUFF CUT. I would suggest you contact Jim Alger at 800-446-1556
I think he should have what you are looking for.

Good Luck,
Etienne Perret

Hi Rochelle, The cut you have mentioned is called a buff top, it
comes in a square, triangle and round, I know where to get it
here in Australia, but I’m not sure anywhere else. If you are
interested in further details, please e-mail me and I will let
you know

Iris from OZ

Rochelle, What you saw is called a buff top and a lot of gem
dealers carry them. Try James Alger Co in New Hampshire, Boston
Gems in Boston or Judith Whitehead in SF. If you need addresses
or phone numbers, let me know off list. I can give you some
other names, too, if you are interested.

Hi Rochelle - I am a gem dealer in the bay area - and I believe
you are speaking of what is called a Buff Top cut - cabbed on
the top and faceted on the bottom - its a cool cut with a bit
more life than a normal cab - but as you can picture, you need
room on the pavilion end of the stone - it is not flat - so if
you’re making a ring - it would poke into your finger if the
stone was not set higher up… Anyhow, write directly to my
email address if you want to know more…