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Universities in SE Asia degree in metalsmithing?

Just thinking of options currently and I would love to be able to
take a degree in metalsmithing and jewelry in Thailand - or any
other SE asia country (preferably not Singapore as I could not afford
to live there :wink:

Does anyone have any links to universities that offer anything

Thank you


I am not aware of any educational metalsmithing programs in English.
If you find any, make sure it is not designed for bored western
housewives… A better bet would be to find a position as an
apprentice in a factory or a workshop… again, language is

good luck

This is a bit vague, but I know that Loughborough University in the
UK have an exchange programme with a Singaporean uni, and some of the
students are in the art and design school - us Brits are famously bad
at learning foreign language, so presumably there is some kind of
support of English speakers. I can contact one of the Singaporean
exchange students to ask, if this sounds like it might be worth
following up. Contact me by email if you are interested…

Jamie Hall

I do not know the quality of the Raffles Schools, but they have one
in KL Malaysia that has jewellery classes. It would be a less
expensive place to live than going to Raffles in S’pore.

My husband (from Singapore) said if you could get a job with a
multinational company in S’pore, then they would likely pay for your
living and education. I was think, too, if you get involved with an
ESL program, they give living stipends and you might be able to
support your education.


Thanks so much for the replies guys :slight_smile:

I think if I went to a UK uni, its going to have to be Birmingham
Jamie :slight_smile: but thank you for the suggestion.

Im looking into Raffles Melissa! thank you :slight_smile: