Uniform Metal Bead tool

I use the same method for making granulation beads as for beaded

I use a 3/33 shaft lathe mandrel with several separating disks on
the screw. Each cutting disk is separated from the next by a washer
made from a worn out disk (or a number of worn out disks. I place
at least 4 cutting disks on a screw. The cutting tool can then be
used to notch wire. The first cut makes 4 notches. Thereafter, one
cutting disk indexes into the last notch to keep the spacing even,
thereby making three new notches.

For beads, the size is controlled by the spacing of the disks and
the size of the wire being notched. I finish by using my dikes or
flush cut pliers to cut the wire, at each notch, into snippets.

For beaded wire, I notch square wire. You can be quite creative as
to how you space the notches. You can also bead at every other
notch giving a dome, square, dome, square pattern.

You need to use care, especially when making beaded wire because the
index disk wears less than the disks intended to cut into the metal.
Unless the index is dressed frequently, it will begin making the
index notch deeper than the others.

Howard Woods
In the beautiful foothills near Eagle Idaho.