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Ungeared mills

G’day I use one of those much reviled rolling mills with the long
crank handle and no gearing with no trouble. I am 5’2" and nearly 79.
I recently had two little schoolgirls here aged 10 and 12, and they
rolled one of my home made sterling 5 mm rod ingots down to 2.5mm
strip from which to make themselves a ring each. They had no
difficulty, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. (and a couple of their
friends wanted one too!) So much for great big tough El Macho
Americans jewellers!!! Takes all sorts!

	John Burgess;   @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

Hey John! I like that attitude! :wink: The problem is though… we
aren’t all 79! Do we have to wait until we are??? Ha!.. Sorry! I just
had to razz ya… I have one of those mills too… it came from
England about 40 years ago and it was used then! You made me think…
perhaps I FINALLY have found a task for the lady I date! ;-)… oh,
nevermind… she’s not 79 either! But… I do have an old dog that
can qualify! … seriously… I wouldn’t trade my mill for 16 of the
newer ones! Thanks John!