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Unethical treatment


I am trying to help a customer contact the proper agency or
organization in regard to unethical treatment by a jeweler. I
don’t know how many subscribers are retail jewelers, but I face
this concern too freqently. I know of Jewelers Vigulance
Commitee, but I don’t think they repond to individuals. I just
wanted to bring this point up and see what transpired on Orchid.
All of us in retail wish for the consumer to see us in the best
light, but there are always persons that don’t see far and are
there for the fast buck. Which makes anyone in the jewelry
business suspect in their eyes. I try to treat people honestly
and fairly and believe what you put out, you will receive in
return. Without running on to much… I welcome your
comments and suggestions Thomas


Thomas, The Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee and the Better Business
Bureau are the places to go with such complaints. Sometimes
speaking directly with the jeweler you feel is being dishonest
can be productive. They may have another side to the story.


Thomas - To bring an errant retailer to task is a consumer’s
determination to fight against the winds of anonymity. In that
we, the consumer, are a small element in most retailer’s
business. However studies have shown that an irate client’s
complaints will reach the ears of ELEVEN potential clients,
whereas the praise of a satisfied client falls on only seven.
This is ostensibly from the world-renown study by the advertising
firm of Dewey, Cheatam and Howe. So first off file a small claims
suit, if the amount of loss is under U$5000. Secondly, file a
writen complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This will have
the greatest impact upon a retailers standing and credit in the
community. Also on many local radio and television stations one
can find Consumer Advocacy representatives who will investigate,
arbitrate or publisize the more gross cases of abuse. And finally
send the results, letters, affidavits, etc. to the Jewelers
Board of Trade and Dun and Bradstreet. The threat of a ‘tarnished
reputation’ on future business has got to be the greatest
leverage a consumer has at his disposal. Only the truly wicked
and/or dim business owner would ignore the threat. Good luck.


The Jewelers Vigilance Committee will absolutely respond to you
if you submit a complaint or if the consumer who had the problem
contacts them. That is exactly what they are there for–and you
should help them financially by joining up, incidentally. A
second choice is to go to the Consumer Affairs division of their
state attorney general’s office. If you or they need help
contacting the JVC please let me know.