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Someone said they had some Turbo charged ultrasonic operating at
a low frequency. I have often wondered about those really pricey
Itallian jobs. The couple thousand dollar ones, are they worth
it? Or will they just make me cool?

Do people actually use these, or do they just park them in their
driveways as a status symbol?

I have always wanted to be cool.

Mark Parkinson

DS> I’ve looked at the recommended
DS> ultrasonics and they are just too expensive for me right now, I
DS> wonder if those little 80 dollar jobs are worth even messing
DS> with? Dave

G’day Dave Stephens; I couldn’t afford an expensive ultrasonic
cleaner, but I bought an ultrasonic drawing-pen cleaner at a very
reasonable price from a draughtsman - seems they don’t use pens
any more. My device is from Rotring, a well-known German
supplier of drawing instruments. The stainless cleaning bowl is
circular, 3"dia., and 2" deep. Probably no good for production
but excellent for several rings, small pendants, brooches, etc.
I use a solution of detergent and ammonia, poured hot into the
bowl over the work as I switch on the power, but not hot enough
to crack the bigger stones. Most tripoli and rouge deposits are
removed inside a minute, but if they don’t go that quickly I dip
the work in a solvent called Ados N and straight back into the
ultrasonic bowl, and whoosh! deposits gone! I doubt you have
Ados N in America, but it is a commercial petroleum-type mix used
for cleaning up after rubber cementing, and I’m sure you have an
equivalent. I reckon the pen-cleaner is ideal for one person
workshops, but it shouldn’t be left on for more than a few
minutes at a time - it’s not necessary anyway. Cheers,

       / /    John Burgess, 
      / /
     / //\    @John_Burgess2
    / / \ \
   / (___) \

Someone said they had some Turbo charged ultrasonic operating at
a low frequency.

Mark, the ultrasonic I have is an Elma brand. It operates at 30
to 35 hz. Most ultrasonics operate at 45 hz. The lower frequency
generates a better cavitation. I only paid 450.00 for a 3 quart
unit with heat. Rio Grande sells it and Swest does too. It was
one of my best investments. Ken