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Ultrasonic cleaners

Our GemOro ultra has lost some of it’s sonic! Should we repair or
replace? 4-5 years old, used in a custom jewelry studio with three
bench people plus retail customers and walk-ins. What is everyone out
there using? Thanks for your help again! JMalone

Hi Folks, Any one looking for an ultrasonic would do well to check out
the Ney ultra-sonics. They come in several sizes and really take a
beating. They have dual frequency transducers that supposedly, and
appear to clean faster.


I Have four GEM ORO’sThey are two quart with heaters and I have used
them intensely.They work great and I will continue to buy them.I have
used Ney’s in the past and I like the G.O.'s better.J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

jmalone: check out Alpha Omega Electronics 2821 national drive Garland,
tx. 75041 214-271-5569 or214-271-5571 they repair untrasonics at a very
reasonable cost. They also sell used units. I bought one about 7 years
ago. Still works great. They are also reasonable about cost. Let me
know if the numbers have changed or if they are no longer in
business. It has been a while since I have done any business with
them. The used unit I bought is still working 7 years later. Frank

Frank: Lone Star Technical Serivce in San Antonio also repairs
ultrasonic cleaners and we do warranty work on ELMA and Healthsonics
machines. Just in case you need an additional source of service. Best

Mike Fritz
Lone Star Technical Services

Is it possible to make your own ultrasonic cleaner? The cost of these
units seems to be extremely high. What principle do they work on?
Give me some input. Thanks Joe

Hi Joe, Sure it is possible to make your own ultrasonic cleaner. Let
me ask you are you wanting to build them as a business or are you
wanting to make jewelry? If you are wanting to make jewelry then make
jewelry and buy a cleaner. Don’t waste your time on making an
ultrasonic cleaner.

Because you will need to invest some time in learning electronics and
the technology involved with ultrasonics. Once you do this you will
find that buying parts at 1 each will cost you more than buying an
already manufactured unit. Just for example: The transducer crystal
alone when ordering one at a time would cost several hundred dollars
then you have to attach the leads to the thin silver coating without
melting the coating. You will also need to let the crystal stabilize
for a couple of months before it can be used. This has to be done in a
special room that has strict temperature control and humidity control.

It seems to me you are trying to save money by wanting to make your
own cleaner. One thing to remember is all manufacturing including
jewelry is cheaper when done in large quantities. So if you don’t want
to pay what you call a high price for something you need to think
about what has gone into the manufacturing of the item. Some things
won’t have a great deal of science and engineering in them others
have an enormous amount in them and you are paying for the development
and the materials when you purchase them.

This is why everyone doesn’t make everything they use in life. You
couldn’t afford it and you won’t live long enough to learn how to make
it all.

It’s always good to be frugal but the next time you need to buy a car
are you going to make one yourself or buy one that is already made?

My suggestion is to find a good unit and compare pricing. Then buy
from the company that has the lowest price and has a good guarantee.
When shopping for ultrasonics compare prices only on the same makes
and models. Do not compare prices of different makes to each other.
All ultrasonics are not equal! So buying the cheapest unit available
will not mean you are getting the best ultrasonic. There are some
makes that would not be a good unit for your intended use and they may
or may not be the cheapest. If you would like more info and help email
me off the list. – Ken Kotoski MPG Repair