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Ultrasonic cleaners and damage to hands

Why dry your hands out with a solution that is made to remove grease
and oils? In the past it has dried mine out so badly the skin
cracked and held polishing compounds in the cracks, which makes it
really hard to get off your hands. Putting your hands in the
ultrasonic shortens the life of the solution considerably. The
stuff can only remove just so much dirt before it becomes

Use a “foot file” (those files you find in the foot care section of
the drugstore that are meant for removing callouses on your feet) to
remove the polishing dirt from your fingers at the end of the day.
The noise they make is very likely harmful to our hearing. I’ve
encircled my ultrasonic with a barrier of thick rubber. It makes it
slightly difficult to get in and out of the thing but it helps with the noise.