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Ultra sonic repair

Hi All, Where do you send your ultra sonics for repair?

Marta in Sacto

We do ultrasonic repair. In fact that is the only thing we repair.
We do warranty work on Healthsonics and warranty for ELMA (german
unit) We are able to fix almost every other brand of untrasonic on
the market. Lone Star Technical Service 19415 Fifth street San Antonio,
TX 78266 1-800-223-4936


 Hi All, Where do you send your ultra sonics for repair? 

We can repair your sonic. We repair all equipment used in the
industry. Estimates are free. Our address is:

MPG Repair 407 South 5th St. Livingston, MT 59047 1-877-262-2185

You can call if you have any questions or email.

We also have a used VIC 12 Casting machine for sale If anyone is
interested. – Ken Kotoski MPG Repair 1-877-262-2185

This guy is quite knowledgeable, and will give good, quick service at
reasonable prices. His name is Ken His web site
is I have purchased from him in the past and
was quite pleased. He answered every question I had. The products were
good quality and price. I have no affiliations with him, just a
satisfied customer that was treated right. Alan

Alan & Jeanette Wood

ultrasonic repair guys… could you tell me what it is that you use
to get rid of all of the hard crusty spots in my ultrasonic…it
needs a cleaning, and nothing I use will remove the crust…help?
thanks, -julia

Hi Julia, Where are the spots and do you have any idea what they are?
If they are hard water deposits you might try vinegar soaks. If it is
soap build up on the outside of the unit it is best to wipe these off
as they happen each day. But if it has built up lots of wiping with
a moist cloth will get rid of it.

If it is built up from the heater. It is probably mineral buildup
and I would suggest using a water softener on your water or if you
invest and cast a good R.O. unit is the best thing. You will see
improved results in your investing and casting as well.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

You can try ZAP or Lime Away. It should be available from Sam’s
Value Club in pint bottles. DO wear rubber gloves. Use a green
scotch brite pad and GENTLY scrub the “crud” with the ZAP or Lime
Away. Do this in the sink and rinse with water from time to time to
be sure you are working on a surface that needs cleaning. This will
take some time to clean so be patient and GENTLE with the process.
It should make your tank “like new” if done right. It is important
to wipe any spilled ZAP or Lime Away from the case and base of your
ultrasonic as the liquids will corrode the case if left on too long.

Mike & Dale, The ultrasonic repair guys
Lone Star Technical Services 1-800-223-4936


Q). 'what it is that you use to get rid of all of the hard crusty
spots in my ultrasonic'??-- 

julia; A household product called -CLR- works for me. Just let
soak–or even turn on machine for a short period. Next time, fill
with plain distilled water, have your cleaning chemicals in a
submerged glass beaker. --Much easier to keep clean.