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I would like to introduce everyone on Orchid to a new website that
my son and some of his college buddies at the University Of Oregon
have built called The current website is a
pixel site where you can buy pixels to place an advertisement for
your business or organization or just make a donation to a good
cause. These funds will help many young artists with funds to help in
their education.

The proceeds from this pixel website will be used to hand out
scholarship money to artists of all media around the country as well
as build a new website that will be free to all artists, allowing
them to create a page about themselves along with their artwork. This
will be something like the format used on and you will be
able to update those pages as needed.

Please take a look at what they are doing and if it is within your
means please help them out with a small ad or donation. I think this
will be a nice way for many of the jewelers on Orchid to get a free
page when the new website is built.

Greg DeMark