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UK Urban gas safety and insurance


I’m an amateur silverworker with an interest in musical-instrument
making. I live near London and am going to rent a house with a small
garden. The landlady has indicated that she may be happy for me to
keep a small 3.9kg tank in the garden, but only if I can show that
I’m adequately insured against damage to her house and against the
neighbours properties. I would be using the tank outside in the
garden, with a fireproof block on the ground.

Can anybody suggest some brokers or household policies that may
provide such insurance in the UK?


Kit -

Gotta laugh about that happening in the UK. In my visits over there,
I’ve never seen so many portable gas bottles, tucked in everywhere
and connected every-which-way to appliances. I was under the
impression they were pretty much ubiquitous throughout the country.