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UK Ultrasonic Cleaners

Hello to everyone. I know that periodically, this forum is asked
about reasonably priced ultra sonic cleaners. I have just bought one
from the following company in the U.K. and I thought that I would
pass on the info if anyone is interested. I have bought the model
without a heater for 50 pounds ( pound sign on my keyboard not
working), but they are bringing out a heated model in January.

If anyone wants more please feel free to email me off
list. Usual disclaimer, no interest in the company, just a satisfied

Cheers, Ruth in the U.K.

Why wait for next year when you can procure a fantastic heated
Ultrasonic system from Otto Feri. This vender is a well run family
business, with great customer service. The heated half gallon model #
123.502 is a great deal. It also comes w/ many extras as a part of
the purchase. To top it of, it’s made in the USA! Freis’ phone# is
1.800.772.3456. Call them and ask for John. You can’t go wrong with a
company that has been doing good business for over 35 years! No I’m
not employed by this concern. I’m just a very satisfied customer.

rp leaf