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UK suppliers - using citric acid as pickle

Hi gang i live and work in the UK and would like to use citric acid
as pickle. does anyone out there know of a uk supplier and what
quantities it should be diluted to? i’d also like to purchase a
loretone tumbler, and again i can’t find a uk supplier. i’ve tried a
couple of US suppliers but none are prepared to ship to the UK, any
ideas? nb. very few gun shops in the UK and none sell tumblers.

i’m very much self-taught and am finding this forum very useful -
thanks very much for the tips on citric acid and tumble polishing!

keep up the good work

Hi Sally Boot’s the Chemist will supply it. I’d use a couple of
tablespoons in a pint of water.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Sally H S Walsh Ltd will order citric acid for you but they say it is
not a stock item and will take up to 3 months to get. Speak to Barry
Roberts on 0208 778 7061

Sounds a ridiculously long time to me but they say the chemical
companies in the UK tend to drag their feet on deliveries. If you
find anyone else I would be interested Regards Alan Lewis

The Watch & Jewellery Workshop
South Wales in the UK

Try contacting a chemical supply company in your area, and also try
and contact a company that supplies the ingredients to beverage
makers, such as those that make lemonade.

Diane Sadel

You could try Southdown Abrasives & Industrial Clothing. (01273)
464677. They supply an amazing range of chemicals and tools. If they
don’t have the tumbler you need, they could probably get it for you.