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[UK Source] Whitby Jet


Do any of our U.K. Orchidians have a contact for Whitby Jet rough? I
realise that it is extremely limited but if there are some small
dealers I’d really appreciate a name number email etc.

Taylor in Toronto


You could try they have had it in the past.
I only have around 50grams personally (self collected , ah those were
the days) but am visiting next week - how much do you want? what size

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Tel: 01229 584023


Pardon my ignorance, but, can I ask, what exactly is jet?


Depends who you ask really, a Paul McCartney (Wings) song, a current
popular Australian rock band, it’s also a plane that goes really
fast… :wink:

(From Webster’s) In this case it’s “a fossil wood allied to brown
coal, and is derived from driftwood which has been subjected to
chemical action in stagnate water and subsequently compressed by
great pressures” Victorian mourning jewellery is almost entirely made
of it. Polished well it’s a beautiful substance.

Taylor in Toronto


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   Pardon my ignorance, but, can I ask, what exactly is jet? 

Jet is a jewelry grade coal that has been used by many cultures
throughout the world. The Vikings made beads, bracelets, pendents,
etc with it. In Victorian times it was commonly used for mourning