[UK Source] Jett sett

Can anyone tell me where I might buy Jett Sett from in the UK

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

Hi Ian,

 Can anyone tell me where I might buy Jett Sett from in the UK

I can’t help you with suppliers of Jett Sett in the UK, but here’s
another potential source of that type of material.

Jett Sett is a trade name for a form of generally available
thermoplastic. If you check, I’m sure you can find plastic
suppliers who supply a wide range of plastics. The plastic you’re
looking for should have a softening range between 140 & 180 degrees
F, should not be affected by water & should be reusable. The
plastic is usually available in assorted colors as sheets, rods,
tubes & pellets. In the US, one such supplier is WFR/Aquaplast in
Wyckoff NJ.

A check with folks who make sets & props for theaters & movies may
also lead to sources for the material as it’s sometimes used for
that purpose.


Maplins sell the following polymorph which does the same job




I have never used jett sett but I purchased a similar product from a
retail electronics supplier [Maplin] in the UK. Its called
polymorph is supplied by Middlesex university teaching resources
Ltd, unit 10, the IO centre,Lea road, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire
EN9 1AS. It fuses in hot water at 62 degrees centigrade and is very


mike kersley
Hertfordshire UK

Dear Ian W. Wright

I have not been able to get hold of Jett Sett either here in Denmark
but fould a quite similar product by the name of Plastiform. If you
don’t find the Jett Sett in the UK you might be luckier with the
Plastiform, - at least this doubles your chances.

Niels Lovschal,