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UK Info - RT Blanking System

I bought an RT Blanking System years ago, in a hurry, and have not
yet used it as the guage I would like to cut with it would require
more weight or strength or machinery, but mainly more intent than I
currently have for cutting blanks. At that time I think it was
GBP250 !!! However, I am sure I will put it to use at some point. The
supplier was HS Walsh & Sons Ltd, who are now at : 21 St Cross
Street, Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8UN. Tel: + 44 - 207 242 3711 Fx
: + 44 - 207242 3712. What you get is the tool system with an
instruction booklet. I believe that the Worshipful Company of
Goldsmiths : Tel : + 44 207 606 7010, carries copies of R Taylor’s
technical report on further use of the tool, for which I believe they
charge. Hope this helps. Today is Spring-like in London, with buds
coming cautiously… – @Jo_McAllister