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UK Hand drill suppliers

Ardetta Bronson wanted to acquire a hand drill - the kind with string
and a flywheel. I know this as a bow drill.

UK stockists include and - both in Birmingham’s jewellery
quarter. I don’t find either of these sites easy to use (perhaps
because of my non-broadband connection) but they DO both stock this
drill. If you can’t find it on the site, just give them a call. I
don’t know if they supply overseas, but there’s no harm in asking.

I got mine from Sutton and I think it was less than UKP15 - though
it does have a sharp edge where the string goes through, and which
chafed right through it! I does take a little practice to use - you
definitely need to centre-punch where the hole is to go, and I’ve
snapped quite a few very fine drill bits with mine because it’s hard
to keep the movement vertical & wiggle-free.

Hope this helps.

Bow Drills of today are much better than before. The Balancing
weight is perfectly turned on new CNC machines and the Rod and
collets are made from finest steel. Using these are far easier than
the Bow Drills of yesterday.

It is perfect for drilling sea shells and soft material such as
beads turquoise, etc., as this does not create as lot of heat.

You could order these by mail from 46 Jewelry Supply. Price is
around $12.00 US and shipping charge to UK would US $10.00 by Parcel

Kenneth Singh