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[UK] Filigree class wanted

hi, i am new to ganoksin so i’m still trying to figure out the
forums section.

i am currently a student at the school of jewellery in birmingham uk
and was hoping if there’s anyone who would like to teach filigree.
whether it be part time once or twice a week or a few days crash
course in the summer. the course director provides many part time and
summer courses at the school, mostly specialist subjects like
engraving, stone setting, pearl threading, granulation and filigree
would be part of that specialist category. i am really really keen to
learn filigree even to grasp the basics but i want someone who is
willing to teach at the school and get in touch with me. i have
already asked my course director and would be happy to have a
filigree class and i think alot of students would be interested in
taking part, as it is an ancient technique missing at the school.

thanks very much

phung chu

some of the best old world filigree and ganulation I have ever seen
is by a man named Osmane Papa Macina. he is from Mali Africa. he is
currenty living in Santa Fe New Mexico. he does teach. try him at he is a very entertaining fellow as well.

wayne werner

Hi, I teach the style of open back filigree known as Russian
filigree. In addition to giving workshops, last year I released a
professionally produced instructional DVD on this technique called
Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Russian Filigree.

You can see a preview of of the DVD and examples of work on my site
to find out if this is the style you would like to learn or have
taught at the school.

Best wishes,
Victoria Lansford

I also do filigree and just released the book Silver Threads, Making
Wire Filigree Jewelry. It could be possible for a summer
course…but it depends on what could be worked out with travel
expenses etc. My book site is
and my jewelry site is

Jeanne Rhodes-Moen

For those of you, who went to my Russian Filigree DVD page and could
not see the preview, I apologize. I didn’t realize that the video
link had temporarily evaporated. (Alas, my skills in ancient
techniques usually far surpass my cyber ones.) The preview should
play now.

Victoria Lansford