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[UK] Business Insurance & The Wholesale thing

Dear All,

I’ve been a member for a few months and learnt so much from all your
collective knowledge and experience.

I’ve only been up and running for a short time and some important
questions came to mind.

  1. Does anyone {UK ESPECIALLY} have any recommendations for where I
    can get good/cheap business insurance that will cover me at fairs
    and at home… the usual stuff.

Oh, any personal recommendations for a business bank for a micro
business I can choose from: Abbey, RBS, HBOS, TSB - that’s it
locally (and it’s easier for me to stay local)?

  1. This wholesale malarky. I sell online and get commissions that
    way - due to advertising, wonderful friends, and word-of-mouth it’s a
    good outlet for me and my work. What the blazes do I do when
    approaching shops/galleries etc. I sell online at prices I can
    afford to sell at, I have no intention of undercutting anyone. I fear
    I might have to put my prices right up to give anyone a wholesale
    discount. I know there is business advice “out there” in books etc
    but I’d like some real, honest, advice from someone who’s been
    there. Would it be best to sell different stuff online and in shops?
    My prices are low - do I up them?

I’d really appreciate any help on this. Many, many thanks.



    My prices are low - do I up them? 

Absolutely! Even taking into account the conversion from English to
US currency, your prices are very low (I checked your website). You
could even double them (to what is called “keystone”) and then
discount 50% to your wholesale accounts.

By the way, your jewelry seems to be very attractive. I say “seems
to be” because your images (even enlarged) are too small and too
obscure. You need better lighting, for starters. For instance, the
purple/blue/black reflections in the first image look like they’re
part of the piece. If I were a customer and ordered this pendant, I
would be very disappointed when it arrived.