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Two new setting essays!


On this first day of 2019, I ‘published’ my second of two new essays on my (growing blog). As of this date, ** I now have 77 essays posted,** all of this information is 'free to everyone & everywhere.

The most challenging program/essay is showing you “***How to set Princess-cut stones in a new ‘hand-carved’ Channe***l”. The other essay is showing you “How to set Round stones, also in a new hand-carved Channel frame”. These two essays can be (almost) easy, but only if you practice the setting techniques frequently.

Enjoy reading these essays along with the many up-close photographs.


Do you have a link to your blog? Thank you.



Hi Allison
If you just go to the “link” that appears below. Then you can “save” it. I am constantly adding newer essays every week or so. To this date, I’ve posted only 78 essays, whew!
Have fun reading them!

Regards, eh?


Gerry, On my iPhone!