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Two metals wedding ring

Hi to all,

I am new in this area. I have a customer which want a gold wedding
ring. He wants a gold (yellow) wedding ring with a gold (white) ring
(outside). How can I do that? In fact I need to know how can I put a
ring outside. English is not my native language so bear with me.

Thank you

Hi there

I just did this for my (now) husband. I did it by making two rings,
the outside ring a little larger, the inside ring the correct size
(maybe a tiny bit smaller than finger size). I used gold solder, and
a ring stretcher to get a close fit.

Happy to talk more off the list and send you a photo.


Hi ZZ,

Please send me a photo or photo’s. Maybe you have a step by step
photo. Gold solder? From where?

GB, Romania