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Two gallon steam cleaner recommendations


Anybody out there can recommend a 2 gallon steam cleaner? I have an
old beloved Steam master that probably will need replacement in the
near future. Would love to hear reviews or comments.

Ruthie Cohen


Hoffman makes a great (but not cheap) steamer. I have two of them,
one is almost thirty years old and still works great after an
overhaul ( I did it, it isn’t rocket science, Hoffman quoted me
about half the price of a new one for a complete overhaul). Make sure
to run it up to only about twenty pounds and blow it out once every
week or two. Then at the first sign of leakage of the valves (about
three to five years), pull all of the plumbing and replace it with
brass. That was a recommendation from the guys at Hoffman. It takes
about half an hour and costs about fifty bucks. If you care for a
Hoffman properly, it will out-live all of us.

Just for what it’s worth, the old Steamaster probably still has a
few decades left in her, she might just need a little TLC, new brass
plumbing and valves and an upgrade to an electric solenoid with
footpedal to make her just like new. A lot cheaper than a new steamer
and really not that difficult to do if you have the tools (all the
tools you need will be in the plumbing section of your local Lowe’s
or Home Depot or whatever).

Dave Phelps