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Two best jewelry magazines

Dear All,

If you had the money to buy only two jewelry magazines based from
the U.S., which ones would you recommend?

I have been getting ‘Ornament’ and Lapidary Journal’ but have been
disapointed with L.J. as it is turning into more of a ‘beading’ mag.
I have nothing against beading but it is not what I am interested in
doing. Where I live means getting American magaines are easier that
is why I say from there.

Thanks a lot for any advice.

Sharron in Kuala Lumpur where we had a very heavy rain storm last night but
sunny skies to day. Hardship posting? No way!

I would suggest Metalsmith & AJM if I were limiting it to two.

Joel Schwalb

Only two magazines? How about “Bench” by Brad Simon, I think its
really geared for the bench jeweller ( I know, I write articles for
this trade magazine for the past three years) not too forget the
AJM…the list is long but these are my favourites!..Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!

Dear Sharron, Try and see if it is more what
you are after, then no shipping problems.

Sam Patania, Tucson

American Craft is great, it is not dedicated solely to jewelry but
to other crafts, and only the best. The other crafts are what inspire great jewelry!

My favorite is the AJM magazine

Then, I often go on:

Interesting post. Is it a survey? In this case, I would be
interested in your results.


  I have been getting 'Ornament' and Lapidary Journal' but have
been disapointed with L.J. as it is turning into more of a
'beading' mag. 

Take a look at Colored Stone (LJ’s sister magazine). It has been
completely revamped and now features work by studio and designer
jewelers and gem carvers (Tom Munsteiner, Michael Zobel, Glenn
Lehrer, among others).