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Twisty curb chain

Hi! I am attempting to make the twisted curb chain in Alan
Revere’s (excellent) book (I’m a self-taught beginner) and I
can’t get the chain to hang flat! I used 14 gauge sterling and
the links are about 4mm in diameter. I tried annealing and
twisting some more - a few times. I also tried flattening it
with a hammer, AND filing the two sides flat. It would be really
pretty, but the thing STILL twists up on itself if allowed to
hang free. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?? Thanks!!
-Mary Simi Valley, CA

That is the nature of that chain. The links will want to settle
to a point where the contact areas are 90 degrees to each other.
Worn normally, there will not ba a problem. If you need a
similar chain that will hang free without twisting try a "C"