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Twice born pearls


Karen…What are twice born pearls… Never heard of
that???Don’t know how one does 4 shows in 5 weeks… That means
you were working for years and years.??? Thanks ahead of time
for the above…I had trouble doing one show for two days… It
was awful just trying to get ready… NO one was going to talk to
me for weeks i"m sure I was so stressed out…calgang


The folks at Pacific Pearls explain “twice born pearls” as
pearls that have been cultured twice in order to give them
unique shapes and colors. Many of these pearls are long stick
pearls displaying multiple colors. One twice born pearl that I
used in a pendant is over 3 inches long; 2/3 silvery white, 1/3
deep gold.

As for doing 4 shows in 5 weeks, suffice to say that I’m not
sure I’ll do it again. My feet and back are still tired, and my
cats are snubbing me! However, there is one very real benefit
from doing that many shows back to back. My sales at shows have
always been unusual. I rarely sell very many pieces at a show,
but a week or 2 later, start getting calls from people who saw
my work at the show and are now ready to buy. By doing all those
shows, it gives those people a chance to come the following
weekend and see the piece they like. You work one weekend to
make the sale on the following weekend.

Of course, I really loved the lady who almost gave herself
whiplash when she saw a bracelet in my case. It fit her
perfectly, and she was counting out cash in about 30 seconds.
The dream customer! By the way, the bracelet was a narrow
sterling cuff that swirled over the top of the wrist, set with
2.5 mm bright blue sapphire cabs and (wait for it…) a twice
born pearl.

Karen In Boulder, CO…with only 3 special orders to make up,
and no show until mid-July!