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I just found out I get to go to Tuscon this year. I used to live
there as a kid and my father still lives there and he’s letting
me use his frequent flyer miles to go out there and I’ll have a
place to stay. I’m really excited!! I can’t believe I’ve been
in the business for 18 years and have never been.

Anyway, I remember how y’all got together out there last year
and I’d sure like to meet you face to face! Does anyone know
when they’re going to be heading out there? Has anyone seen any
class scedules from Rio Grande or GIA? I looked through
Lapidary Journal and it looks like the first week of February
would be a good time to go. I need to make my plane
reservations and am not sure when would be the best days to go.
Any experienced advice would be appreciated!

See y’all out west!
Wendy Newman

Be sure to visit us at the AGTA Show at the convention Center
Booth Gallaria 40

Marty Haske
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Hi Wendy,

What are you particularly interested in?

If it’s loose faceted stones & other high end stuff, then the
AGTA & MJSA shows are a must; if it’s beads, then its probably
the Bead Show at the Windmill Inn, but there are beads
everywhere. If you’re into fossils, minerals etc then The
Executive Inn & the TG&MS show. Theres lots of stuff all over the
place. Check the Calender section of Lapidary Journal for dates &
locations of the different shows (promoters). If you can stay
with your dad, why not come for the whole 2 1/2 weeks. You’re
guarented to be a gem & jewelry junkie when it’s over (bg). BTW
is your dad’s name Ed from Oro Valley?


I’m leaving for Tuscon on thursday and still havn’t seen any
postings concerning a possible Orchid meeting. Maybe the local
person who posted last week could “take the bull by the horns” and
set a place and time. I’d really like to meet some of you face to

Wendy Newman