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Tuscon question

Hi All, Yipee! I’m going to Tucson for the first time. I don’t even
work with stones much, I just have to see it. I knew that it was
always the beginning of Feb. so I made reservations for Feb. 1st to
8th. I just checked the program guide and see that the Rio catalogue
in motion doesn’t start until the 8th. I got a terrific bargain on
tickets and it would be not so easy to change the dates so my
question is, aside from show itself, is the Rio exhibit worth lots of
additional angst to stay for? I do confess to being a little bit of
a tool junkie.

Thanks, Betty Belmonte in beautiful downtown Bryn Mawr, PA where the
temp has returned to normal after the heat wave

Betty, The Catalogue in Motion is basically various vendors showing
how to use their products. It is worth going to if you have seen some
specific items in the Rio catalog and wondered how they worked, or
wondered if you’d like to use them. Also, there are usually some
specials on a few items. I did find that some of the vendors had no
clue on how to really use their tools, etc.; they were basically
salespeople, but most were very helpful. It does get crowded though,
so some booths are hard to get to.


I always try to talk myself out of even going to the Rio set up in
order to save myself the agony of wanting new tools. I usually find
during the year I wish I had seen a specific tool or asked a question
about something with the tools in front of me and regret not spending
more time with Rio. I think the stronger your business plan the better
off you are BEFORE going to Rio but, their catalog in motion is
fantastic. Sam ,Tucson

I made reservations for Feb. 1st to 8th.  I just checked the
program guide and see that the Rio catalogue in motion doesn't start
until the 8th.  Is the Rio exhibit worth lots of additional angst to
stay for? 

The first year I went to Tucson I stayed long enough to attend the
Rio Catalogue in Motion and thoroughly enjoyed it. I spent a half a
day there and a half a day at the Desert Sonora Museum (really a zoo)
which was also terrific. Since then, as I am a stone buyer, I go in
early and leave before the Rio show starts � 3 days in and out.

The trouble with your schedule is that you’ll also miss the Tucson
Gem & Mineral show (the original club show that started it all) which
I’ve always wanted to attend but never been able to. In addition to
various vendors, it always has special exhibits and speakers. The
TGMS starts Feb. 14.

Do you have a resale permit/ business license? If not, you will be
unable to get in to AGTA, GLDA, GJX and many of the other shows. If
that’s the case, you definitely should change your reservations and go
in later. Otherwise, you probably won’t kick yourself for missing the
Rio show and the TGMS but, if this is a one-time trip, why cheat
yourself? Think about going in a week later instead.


Hi Betty, Welcome to Tucson. Several suggestions:

  1. Wear very comfortable walking shoes.

  2. Bring a tax license and plenty of calling cards. Many shows are
    wholesale only and require proof of a business license. you will
    find dealers set up in a gas station, in vacant lots and of course in
    about 12 motels.

  3. Weather is normally warm during February but bring light warm

  4. Pick up a show guide as soon as you can. it will show you where
    about 3000 dealers are located. It also lists products. It has a
    map of the Tucson area and a map showing the dealers of each show.
    There are shuttles circulating from show to show. Parking is

5.WEAR COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES. not a copy of item one.

  1. Drink lots of water.

  2. If you find something you like but want to look around before you
    buy make a very good mental note of where the dealer is. It is very
    easy to loose track of where a dealer is.

  3. Be willing to talk a deal with many of the dealers. Sometime
    prices may be made better with a little negotiation.

  4. Plan on having a great time. It is quite an experience.

I have never attended Rio Grande catalog in motion but understand
they have sessions where you can use various tools. They also have
many people to answer any question you may have. After being at the
show for 7 days you may have had enough.

lee epperson
southwest silver pottery and jewelry