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Turquoise slabs, needed

Cynthia has a job that requires 3 turquoise slabs each measuring
in the area of 1.5x2-3 by about 1/4 inch thick. Customer wants the
outer edge of the slabs “naturally shaped” vs straight line cuts
but these will ultimately be bezel set so the true looks of the
edge will nt be visable. Anybody got anything like this? If you
have a stone that is not slabbed, we could slab and polish it
ourselves. If you have such an item please contact us off of the
list so as not to clog the list with excess mail. Thanks.


John and Cynthia/MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Maiden Metals/C. T. Designs/ Bloomin’ Wax Works. etc.

PO Bx 44, Philo
CA 95466
Ph 707-895-2635 FAX 707-895-9332

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