Turquoise enhancement

Dear folks, Here’s an email I received & thought it may be of
interest to some. Not necessarily to use their services, but to know
one of the many things going on out there in the world of stone

we can give you a colour upgrading service for your turquoise
stones. we can turn your very bad quality stones to the most
expensive and rarest turquoises of the world. we can send you
pictures by e mail if you like any dye or chemical substance is
not used in our process we stimulate the non-active metal
oxides within the stone with our special laser application to
change them to active metal oxides we are waiting your feed
back and comments


I’d be very, very cautious of someone talking about turning one
grade of turquoise into another.

There are a lot of treatments for turquoise out there and they’re
more likely to make the stone look like blue plastic than a better
grade of turquoise.