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Turquoise bead necklace

I am a subscriber and am very thankful for all I have learned.

I have a possible customer who is wanting me to make her a turquoise
(with not a lot of matrix and natural if possible) graduated round
bead necklace. To begin with I have not been able to find these
graduated beads. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would
sincerely appreciate receiving any Sincerest thank
Sharon Perdasofpy

have you tried Indian Jewelry Supply (Gallup NM ( 800 545 6540 or
Thunderbird Supply in Gallus only problem I foresee is getting
no matrix and natural too

Hello Sharon Perdasofpy, The only place I know where you can order
the quality turquoise you describe:

    I have a possible customer who is wanting me to make her a
turquoise (with not a lot of matrix and natural if possible)
graduated round bead necklace. 

is Fire Mountain Gems. 1-800-355-2137, website is
<> BTW, check for availability. Page 74 of
their Jewelry Maker’s Catalog, 2000-2001, shows Sleeping Beauty
natural turquoise bead strands, 5-12 graduated 18" strand is
… $292.40. Same page, a little further down are some Chinese
Hubei turquoise graduated strands, bargain priced for $18.57. These
are temporarily strung, so there is still the cost of labor and
clasp. I’d certainly knot the Sleeping Beauty strand!!! As always,
you get what you pay for. Good luck

Judy in Kansas - no association with Fire Mountain other than being

a 10+ year customer. (They really do honor their unconditional
refund IF you can supply the original receipt/invoice.)

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936

Hi Sharon, The last gem show I went to I picked up some gorgeous
strings of turquoise. I was very pleased to find this vendor, because
most of the turquoise at the show was pure garbage from the orient (no
offense intended). The vendor name is Anderson Trading Company. After
a search, I am unable to find the show guide with contact
You may be able to track them down my using resources at your disposal
(or somebody else may have contact . I hope this gives you
a good lead!

Dave Sebaste

Sharon - the supplier that Dave Sebaste mentioned is:

     Anderson's Trading Co.
     PO Box 165
     Vanderwagon, NM 87326
     505/726-8452 - phone
     505/863-0056 - FAX

They have the nicest turquoise beads I’ve seen. And Greg & Jane
Anderson are very nice people! Gini in very hot Florida

sharon - dave sebaste beat me to recommending my favorite turquoise
supplier: anderson trading post, vanderwagon, nm 87326. 'phone:
505/726-8452. you will get greg, jane or the son, aaron - aaron is
the most delightful & gorgeous person you could meet! sorry i didn’t
get to this sooner but we are in the process of clearing
out the storage unit, the garden shed (actually found a couple of
gardening tools in there!), cleaning & reorganizing the garage
(evicted three mice who will be in therapy for the rest of their
lives, but they still have their tails), all 3 floors of the house,
including my 2 workrooms. translation: i’ve been running around 10
minutes ahead of my partner hiding things to keep him from tossing or
giving to st. vincent de paul - well, not saint p himself, but his
thrift shop. he (my partner, st p) wants a spotless, clutterless
domain (he should have married martha stewart - serve 'em both
right!); all i want is an end to the full moon phase so i can drop
his body over the seawall unobserved!

from the abyss -