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Turning a rectifier into a pen plater?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has used their digital rectifier as a “pen” plater. Pepetools sells digital pen platers and it seems possible (although I’m totally inexperienced with this stuff) to use a Volteq 5 amp Digital Rectifier as a digital pen plater.

Pretty much any source of DC can be used with a pen plater if the voltage is about right. I don’t see why the digital rectifier wouldn’t work…a wall wart (small DC transformer that plugs into the wall) will also work and you should be able to find a basket of these at any thrift store, if not at your house! I happen to have a 20 amp DC rectifier with meters for voltage and amperage and when I have fixed the broken fuse holder on it, it will be part of my plating setup. So the digital rectifier with its readouts is good. Nice to have the meters to set up the voltage and amperage exactly, but not really necessary for a little pen plating…I think last time I did any I used a 5 volt (?) wall wart and it worked out fine. -royjohn

Thanks so much!