Turn your old metal into gift cards!

Another cool idea to do with scrap gold and silver

If you’ve got a bunch of old gold you haven’t scrapped yet or have
been buying silver as well here’s a neat idea what to do with it this
holiday season that will benefit:

  • You
  • Your family & friends
  • Your staff at the store

Exchange it for gift cards and trade 100% value of the scrap against
100% value of the gift cards.

I’m a member of Polygon. net, a jewelers network for buying and
selling in addition to the terrific business brains of our industry
on the Business Discussion Channel.

Rick Kleinvehn owns Wheaton Diamond Brokers and is one of the
smartest young men in our industry. He’s a big buyer of anything you
bought over the counter and has come up with a neat idea for you to
get something extra out of the gold or silver you’ve been saving up to

You can send Rick your gold or silver and he’ll will give you 100%
value for your metal against 100% value in a gift card for many
companies you know and shop at. Here’s a listing of the gift card
companies you can exchange.:

  • AMC Theaters * 1-800-Flowers * Babies R Us (also valid at Toy’s R
    Us) * Best buy * Bloomingdales * Chilis * CVS * Home Depot * Kohls * Lowes *
    Macys * Marriott * Office Max * Olive Garden * Outback Steak House *
    Petco * Petsmart * Red Lobster * Ruth’s Chris * Sport’s Authority *
    Staples * Stabucks * Target * Toy’s R Us * Walgreens * Victoria’s secret

(Imagine your terrific evening using a Ruth Chris Steak House gift
card with a Victoria Secret gift card. But I digress)

Millions of dollars available for delivery. Allow about 5-7 days for
delivery of gift card (s)

(He can express gift cards for extra fee if you need them sooner)

There is a large quantity of each of these cards, but all are
subject to prior sale.

He has a partnership with a gift card issuer… and he can offer
100% of spot of gold and silver for gift cards from these name brand

No games. you send him $1000 of scrap clean sterling, you choose
$1000 of gift cards; No annual fees, no expiration. no strings.

Same gift cards you can buy at;

You can mix and match (20 x $20 at Starbucks, $200 at Target, $300
at Office Max, etc can all be combined in one order)

Rick Kleinvehn 2069 Barrington Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
Contact Rick’s manager: Kari, at 847-882-1908, extension 21
M-F 8-4 central time

Think about how you could use these card:

  • Gifts for mail man, UPS, Fedex delivery people
  • Baby sitter
  • House keeper
  • Anyone in the store, employees
  • Give them away for reaching sales goals
  • Treat yourself
  • Save some for Valentines Day (they don’t expire)

I don’t get anything for recommending Rick, it’s just a great idea
to get rid of old scrap metal. Its time to unload this stuff. I know
one jeweler who has on display TWO 8mm wide Herringbone chains from
1999.Come on! Do something constructive with this stuff! Reward
yourself and your staff.

David Geller