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[Turkey] News of exhibition of Topkapi Palace treasures


Oya, We are going to be in Istanbul in May. Does this mean that
there will be nothing to see at Topkapi because everything is being
exhibited on tour in the U.S. Would love to hear from anyone of
anything beyond the tourist must sees. For example we will be taking
the ferry along the Bosporous. We will be in Istanbul for four days
before we board our cruise ship. You can contact directly at:
@karran_uhr Thank you, Karran


Dear Karran, I would love to see it on Orchid as I would like to see
what other places they tell you to see. I also can’t wait to see the
palace… that was a good thought as it is touring but not in NY
…trouble there… I want to see the exhibit… so the
bottom line is please will you tell me what others say to see while you are there… Thanks…


Hello: I too am going to Istanbul in September and was wondering the
same thing about the Topaki Treasures. Would be pleased to hear from
anyone who might know if the treasures will be back in Turkey by that
time. Also would like to hear of any other sites we might be able to
take in in two day layover prior to cruise.

Phyllis Richardson


The museum of anatolian Civilizations in Ankara is incredible. The
collection of Phrygian metalwork is truly breathtaking. It actually
brought me to tears. However the museum also carries a number of
other incredibly inspiring and beautiful Assyrian, Hittite, Neo,
paleo and Chalcolithic, early bronze, Urartian and early anatolian
pieces. I have been blessed to have traveled a great deal and this is
one of my most favorite places on earth. Yes and the collection at
the Topkapi is fantastic. You may also wish to explore the turkish
shadow puppets which are strongly related to the Indonesian ones.
Hacivat and Karagoz are the two main characters but I believe there
are about 120. These puppets are made of Camel hide which is
transparent and very beautiful when held up to candle light. The
quality and execution varies tremendously so look at many before you
buy(covered market) as a craftsperson the difference in quality will
become readily apparent to you. Also I regret not having gone to a
performance. Ask your concierge. I’m sure they could letyou know when
one is playing. Bon Voyage Victoria


Dear Karan and all who are interested, I am sorry it took me so long
to answer your question but we have a house guest from Canada, a very
very old friend visiting for a few days,

that’s why I was busy a little. Topkapi Palace is not a little museum.
It is constructed in a huge area and has many buildings. Every
building is housing different kind of treasury so to speak. For
example, one building has the treasury, one has the old writings
(there is writing on a piece of rice), costumes, carriages, armory etc
etc. Probably what they have brought to the States

is a fraction of what is here in the Palace. Another place I bet you
will enjoy is the Grand Bazaar, which is the largest covered bazaar
that I know in the world. I always get lost in it. My office is very
near the Bazaar and anybody from my internet friends who come to
Istanbul should stop and see me. I will be only too happy to help
anyway I can. I am going to find out what else you should see and
write to you again. Ofcourse there is Saint Sofia (Ayasofya) to see.
There are mosques, museums, other palaces. Please visit my website (in
a few days there will be new jewelry pictures) to know me. Kind regards from Istanbul, Oya


I went through Topkapi in November of 1999. FANTASTIC. Wish I had
more time there. The tour guide, Kursat Kara, was excellent. He also
took us through Ayasofia and the Blue Mosque, not to mention Efes,
Mereymana, Pammukkale.


Dan Woodard