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Turbotorch availability


Turbotorch is a brand name made by Victor I think and is quite
popular with plumbers. Most any plumbing supply house should
sell them; I seem to recall them available in Actelyene and in
LP (propane)

Turbotorch is a brand name made by Victor 

So maybe mine is a turbo torch and not a Turbotorch. Can’t find
the box it came in at the moment to check on that. But the one I
have is made by Craftsman (I think that it a Sear’s brand name,
but not certain of that fact either) and not Victor. It has a
spark lighter built in and make a loud bushy flame.

I’ll have a look at the Victor torch if I the local welding
supply place has one. Thanks for the info.



I think that turbotorch is a design type. The air on these
types of torches does a fancy swirling due to a venturi and
"helical rotor", hense the “loud noise” of the flame. I
originally bought one of these when they first came out about 15
years ago. A poor man’s version of an oxy/acetylene, allowing
welding (silver brazing) of larger diameter pipes than a
conventional acetylene tip. Temperatures of about 4200F are
obtained (slightly higher than just acetylene. And of course a
larger bushy flame.

John g


On this torch being “Craftsman”, I spent several years working
in a Sears Tool Department. Sears makes NOTHING, they contract
out everything and have molds with “Craftsman” in/on them, and
print the manuals and boxes so all looks Sears like. When I
worked for Sears we had books in the office to tell us who made
what, but then (the '70’s) we we were not supposed to reveal
these “secrets” to customers. So it’s entirely possible Victor or
anyone could have made Turbotorch for Sears. So contact Sears or a
real torch dealer for parts / service.

Hope this helps, efw


Ed, Interesting, I have a very angry colored right index
fingernail from a defective design tool box from Sears which I
use for my Jewelry Class. This is from last week of April. Still
trying to determine which company to warn about the digit eating
tool box handle. Ha big joke. Teresa