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Turbofan Order

I will be ordering another batch of Israeli made Turbofan polishing
laps in the next week or so. I only order when I have a committed sale
of at least 6 laps because of the high costs of shipping and tariff
(over $100.00). The profit margins are slim at best and I can’t sell
them if I can’t at least break even. There are several prolific
faceters that have purchased the Turbofan laps that you are free to
contact. While I don’t believe in “miracle laps”, you will find that
the Turbofan polishing laps are extremely fast and only need a water
drip (no vinegar, alkali, salt peter, or any other kind of peter, just
plain old water). The A-5 and HS (two grit) laps are for stones softer
than 8 in hardness, although some one uses them successfully to polish
synthetic spinel I have been informed. The cost of the A-5 lap is
$97.00 plus $5.00 shipping. You will save that much in a short time by
not using Ultra laps and reducing the need for tranquilizers and high
blood pressure medication while polishing. Contact me if you have
questions. Ed Katz, G.G. 15434 Rio Plaza, Houston, TX 77083-2440
(713)851-2493 @Ed_Katz